Monday, February 25, 2008

Trade Deadline Day shaping up to be a bore

Ah this is the time where rumors become exposed as fake. With all of the Sundin trade talk officially over, and Mats giving his reasons today, another big name was pulled off the trade list. Alex Tanguay. Darryl Sutter likes the makeup of his team and thinks Tanguay will be a great player down the stretch for the Flames. Sutter officially said today: "I am not trading Tanguay."
Tanguay has been rumored to go to Montreal in exchange for Michael Ryder for quite some time now. You know, french boy returns home bullshit...... That is over now.
But all is not lost, rumor fans. There are still some big names that could be moved by tomorrow.
Brad Richards- can't be part of the Lightning's plans with that $7 million-plus contract. The Lightning are committed to the big 3 right now: Vinny, St. Louis, and Boyle. A lot of money tied up there. They could also spend some money acquiring a goaltender. But money would have to be freed up. I can see Roloson going there and Richards moved to make room for Roli. How about Richards traded to the Oilers in exchange for Roloson and a couple of picks? See? I can make shit up too! I'll give that trade an e4 possibility.
Marian Hossa. I don't know who is foolish enough to take on this guy at $7 million. He is a gutless twerp. But he appears very likely to be moved because a contract agreement with the Thrashers cannot be met.
Is Olli Jokinen going anywhere? He is signed through to 2010 and has been rumored to be traded for years now. I can't see him being moved just because there is a bit of tension between him and coach Jacques Martin.
Brian Campbell would be well suited in San Jose. He is exactly what they need: a go-to goal-scoring defenceman.
Jaromir Jagr is not going anywhere. Sure, he's slumping and not true to form, but the Rangers are cookin' now and Jagr is going along for the ride deep into the playoffs this on it.
Patrick Marleau remains an enormous enigma. 10 goals and 29 points in 58 games this season and a -21! Wow. It seems like he doesn't really want to be in San Jose anymore. At $4.5 million per season, who's going to take such a risk on this guy? His stats don't even suggest rental status!
Same applies to Michael Ryder, who can't seem to get it done offensively this year. In 53 games this year, Ryder has 12 goals and 23 points. He just came off back-to-back 30 goal seasons. He is making $2.95 million per season. An affordable gamble? I think so.
Too many rumors, too little time. I'm a tad perplexed with all this "Canucks trying to acquire Brad Richards" bullshit as well. It's not happening on my clock. Why the hell would Nonis mess with the team now? The Canucks are rolling AND I don't think Nonis will give Tampa what they want in exchange. High draft picks? Nope. Top prospects? Nope. Only way Richards comes here is through free agency.
Check out this TSN interview with Bryan McCabe. What a dumbass. He says the Leafs are not far off and are 1-2 players away from being a great team. Wha??? He's not seeing the whole picture. The last thing the Leafs need to do is ADD players. McCabe stated he hasn't discussed teams to be traded to...blah blah.
But we'll find out tomorrow. Cross your fingers...because I don't see a lot of big deals going down.

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At February 25, 2008 at 2:12 p.m. , Blogger James said...

I wish I could live in the reality McCabe does, but then I guess being ridiculously overpaid for mediocre performance will make any situation look pretty good.

I wonder if the avs scooping up "not gonna play this year" foppa will change the situation in the NW conference! With Sakic healthy and Statsny back, could be scary.. Or could be a bunch of walking wounded. Can't wait to see though..

At February 25, 2008 at 3:52 p.m. , Blogger Zanstorm said...

Hey YOU mind find that amusing, but I don't!!! Canucks don't wanna see the Avs get better. We are trying to hold them off! The best thing about all this though? The Avs' goaltending is suspect.

At February 25, 2008 at 3:54 p.m. , Blogger James said...

I dunno, Theodore seems to be gaining confidence and is getting back into form.. Of course I say that because I swapped him out for Gerber in my fantasy league ;)


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