Friday, January 04, 2008

Canucks 3 Rangers 0: Wow! I feel good!

What a terrific nail-biter of a game last night. One thing that rings true still, is that the Canucks don't lose hockey games when leading after 2 periods. Not at all this season. Zip.
But that can be attributed mostly to Luongo, who is in a zone that I can't even imagine right now. That pad save along the ice in the 3rd was sickening.
Also, the Rangers took 4 consecutive penalties in the 3rd period and shot themselves in the foot. That took the wind out of their sails.
It didn't hurt that Shanahan wasn't playing either!
I was getting ready to celebrate and be joyous, but then the damn sewer line backed up at our place. So yeah....the rest of my night was shitty.

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At January 4, 2008 at 11:57 a.m. , Blogger Rogene said...

Ahahaha...great game. Where did Temujin's post go? :)

Nothing like Sopcast to get around the PPV blackout. ESPN even picked up the photo of a certain celebrity making out with FIN:

At January 4, 2008 at 1:13 p.m. , Blogger Andrew Bucholtz said...

Solid game... nice to see Vancouver win one even with so few shots. Classic Canucks hockey. I couldn't believe that it was the first time the Rangers had been to Vancouver in over 5 years: that shows how terrible the NHL's scheduling experiment was.

At January 4, 2008 at 10:10 p.m. , Anonymous Temujin said...

Bring it back! Bring it back!

The fans have spoken, Zanstorm... bring back my drunken intermission post!

Actually, screw it. I know I can figure out your blogger password and then I'll have the power to post whenever I want, mua ha ha ha!

That whole damned sewage problem really put a damper on the whole night. We should take some before, during, and after pictures of the renovation. It's just too bad we cannot get the "salmon" colored portion of the wall painted.

I guess we could get the painter to just do it while he is there, but the insurance won't cover the additional work since it isn't part of the damaged area.

It was a pretty shitty night, to say the least.


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