Monday, October 27, 2008

Rypien goes from viral infection to sports hernia surgery

Well this is a bummer indeed. From TSN:

Rick Rypien is having sports hernia surgery and will be out indefinitely. He came home from the road trip early because of a virus, began skating on his own recently and felt a "tweak" in his abdominal area, got it checked and they discovered the hernia. He's had a history of groin and abdominal problems.
That will put him on the shelf for quite a long time. That means Krog will stick around for a while longer, or at least until Demitra comes back.
I was beginning to like seeing Hordichuk and Rypien play together earlier on. There was some chemistry there.

Sami Salo will be a game time decision for tomorrow's game against the Bruins.

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