Monday, December 17, 2007

Brendan Morrison will miss 3 months / Luongo will play Tuesday

That is what TSN is reporting today. Morrison will have wrist surgery today and will be in a cast for 6 weeks.
Morrison had 20 points in 30 games before the injury, and is in the final year of his contract, making $3.2 million per season. He should be back about a month before the playoffs start at best.
This is where I hope Raymond or Jaffray can contribute at a consistent level so that Morrison's absence doesn't sting too badly.

According to TSN, Roberto Luongo WILL play against New Jersey tomorrow. Alright!

It appears that Naslund has caught the Keslerian flu. Maybe they should stop sharing water bottles. He missed practice today.
And just to give you an unnecessary visual:

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At December 17, 2007 at 11:39 p.m. , Blogger Andrew Bucholtz said...

Yeah, hopefully Raymond and Jaffray will continue their strong play and fill the Morrison void: I've definitely been impressed with Jaffray so far. It will be great to see Luongo back, even though Sanford's certainly proved that he can get the job done as well. Amazing that this team's doing so well, considering all of their injuries...

P.S. Thanks for adding the link to my blog: very nice of you!

At December 18, 2007 at 8:29 a.m. , Blogger Zanstorm said...

ah, you just noticed that link now, huh? It's been there for weeks! :)
Jaffray just needs to translate his effort onto the scoresheet. I'm hoping he does tonight. Last game he had NO shots.

At December 18, 2007 at 12:40 p.m. , Blogger Andrew Bucholtz said...

Yeah, he still has 2 points from 2 games though, so that's a pretty good start. Hopefully he'll come out with another solid offensive performance tonight...

At December 18, 2007 at 12:41 p.m. , Blogger Andrew Bucholtz said...

Never mind, 2 points from 3 games... I'm losing track of time now. Still not bad, though.


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