Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday 's Trades

The Ducks have sent tough D-man Shane O'Brien to the Lightning in exchange for AHL goalie Gerald Coleman and a first round pick.

The Dallas Stars have claimed Nolan Baumgartner off re-entry waivers from the Flyers. Wow, Dallas has alot of depth on defence. Baumgartner will be the 6th or 7th defenceman there.

As well, from TSN, the St. Louis Blues announced Saturday that defenceman Eric Brewer and goaltender Manny Legace have agreed to contract extensions with the club. Brewer has agreed to a four-year extension while Legace has agreed to a two-year extension.



At February 24, 2007 at 4:30 p.m. , Blogger Patricia said...

Ducks must be gearing up for another trade, no?

At February 24, 2007 at 5:25 p.m. , Blogger Zanstorm said...

It seems like it! How the hell can they be unable to score goals with a team like that?
I think Burke is going to shake things up!

At February 24, 2007 at 5:35 p.m. , Blogger Patricia said...

rumor has it they're going to make a heavy push for tkachuk. seeing as the blues seem to really want high draft picks, i guess acquiring that first round pick might actually set up for a KT deal. we'll see...

At February 24, 2007 at 7:53 p.m. , Blogger Zanstorm said...

That's a good point. But if the Ducks were smart, they'd get Gary Roberts over Tkachuk. Roberts can take that team by the throat and turn them into a force, IMO. He'd be a better playoff performer as well.

At February 24, 2007 at 11:13 p.m. , Blogger Temujin said...

I cannot believe Brewer got a four year deal worth 17 million bucks. That's a lot of money for a guy whose career high in points is 29.

I think defensemen are waaaay overpriced right now.

At February 25, 2007 at 12:34 a.m. , Blogger Zanstorm said...

Well if they didn't sign him for that much now, he would have signed elsewhere for that much or more in the summer.
I thought the Oilers might take a stab at acquiring Brewer. He played better there.
But yeah, I don't get the inflated pricetags on defencemen.


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