Thursday, September 14, 2006


  • Peter Forsberg has named the captain of the Flyers. Simon Gagne and Derian Hatcher will be the alternate captains.
  • Paul Maurice is going to play Mats Sundin alot more than Pat Quinn did. Maurice said that Mats will play with a lot of different players until the right combo is revealed. He isn't overly concerned about it. Where Maurice did show a little bit of caution was with the Leafs' chances of making the playoffs.
    "It's a dogfight now for everybody to get into the playoffs," he said. "My biggest concern outside of hockey is controlling the emotional rollercoaster our team will go on based on the interest in the team.

    "That's part of being here - managing that rollercoaster. I understand that we're going to be in a dogfight to make the playoffs. That's hard for home-town fans to hear but it's the (reality) of the NHL" now that the salary cap's levelling of player hiring capabilities has promoted parity.
I like how he is realistic, but he has not yet felt what the pressure of winning in Toronto is like!
  • New Black Hawks goalie Patrick Lalime will miss 2 to 3 months after he undergoes back surgery.
  • The Hurricanes may deal prospect Jack Johnson as they are not in favor of him. With Frantisek Kaberle out for a large portion of the season, the Canes may look for a replacement. Don't forget, Jason Woolley is at their training camp. He could be the filler. Or maybe Anton Babchuk will replace Kaberle. For more of the Jack Johnson saga, see TSN.
  • The Predators and Dan Hamhuis' agent Ross Gurney are still a ways apart, according to Sportsnet. Gurney said: "We've certainly done our homework as well," Gurney told The Tennessean. "I guess when they think Dan is important enough, we'll hear some more from them." Oh great. I heard that Hamhuis only wanted $1.5 million, is that so high for a defenceman who led the team in ice time, and has alot of upside?


At September 14, 2006 at 5:53 p.m. , Blogger nuts4pucks said...

Please don't go to for more on the Jack Johnson saga. They are rumor-mongering. If Jim Rutherford is foolish enough to trade away JJ because his nose is out of joint over JJ not jumping to sign a contract "right this minute", he'd by God better get a blue chip defenseman in return. Any thing less is a total waste of that high draft pick - and an indication that the GM is even more immature than the kid. I notice that tsn didn't publish the quote from daddy Jack that the younger is happy to have been drafted by the Hurricanes and looks forward to joining the team "when the time is right". That's not going to be now. The kid has committed to his team and to the quest for an NCAA Frozen Four title for this year and I think it indicates integrity that he's not bailing on his team cause he smells money.

Check out Casonblog for a nice tongue in cheek look at the situation!

At September 14, 2006 at 6:25 p.m. , Blogger Zanstorm said...

Well said. I really don't believe much of the story,nor will I even cover any more of it, because some rumors are bunk. That's why I think Woolley or Babchuck will fill in Kaberle's spot.


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