Sunday, July 30, 2006


Here are some pieces that the Canucks put together to create their 1994 SuperTeam:

September 1987- New Jersey traded Greg Adams and Kirk McLean to Vancouver for Patrick Sundstrom and Canucks' 4th round pick Matt Ruchty. (Matt who??)

Montreal traded Gerald Diduck to Vancouver for draft pick Vladimir Vujtek in January 1991.

In March 1991, St. Louis traded Geoff Courtnall, Cliff Ronning, Sergio Momesso, Robert Dirk, and futures to Vancouver for Dan Quinn and Garth Butcher. Thanks Blues!

June 1991- Minnesota traded Dave Babych to Vancouver for Tom Kurvers.

March 1993- Hartford traded Murray Craven and a pick to Vancouver for Robert Kron. Vancouver then completed the deal in May by sending Jim Sandlak to Hartford.

January 1994- Vancouver signed Martin Gelinas off of waivers from Quebec.

February 1994- Vancouver signed Brian Glynn off waivers from Ottawa.

March 1994- Vancouver traded Craig Janney to St. Louis for Bret Hedican, Jeff Brown, and Nathan Lafayette.

Wow...then combine these guys with the likes of Linden and Bure and head into the 1994 playoffs to whoop some serious ass! Canuck fans should toast Pat Freaking Quinn for this once in a while!!!


At July 30, 2006 at 12:51 p.m. , Blogger Temujin said...

The two deals with the Blues are both mind-boggling in hindsight. Seeing Jim Sandlak in 1993 leave was a bit of a bummer, as he was always a fan favourite. His performance in Hartford was lacklustre (I think he got injured or something), but he did return to Van City and played his final year as a Canuck.

At July 30, 2006 at 4:23 p.m. , Blogger Zanstorm said...

There was so much hype around Dan Quinn back then but his best seasons were with the Penguins. The Canucks traded Rod Buskas, Tony Tanti and Barry Pederson to Pittsburgh for Dan Quinn, Andrew McBain and Dave Capuano. The Nucks got the worst of that one.

At July 30, 2006 at 5:48 p.m. , Blogger Hodge said...

Who was the GM of the Blues?? Rejean Houle!!!

Wow, lots of guts and character players on that cup run.

At July 30, 2006 at 8:02 p.m. , Blogger reality check said...

Houle no! But not far off. It was Professor Ron Caron, the same dude that aquired Brett Hull around that time. Everybody said he was nuts on that one, even Sather wondered publicly what he'd been smoking LOL! He gave up Ramage, Bozek and Wamsley to Calgary.

Most of deals did resemble Houle's, some were worse.


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