Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sanford or Schneider?

TSN's Ice Chips is saying that Luongo skated with goalie coach Ian Clarke again today, but it was only "movement exercises". Squire Barnes said today that Luongo is still sore in "that area". It's going to be a while before he returns.
Sanford will skate tomorrow. He did his workout off ice today and had special treatment from the ladies at the Swedish Touch Massage Parlour. Just kidding about the last part.
There was a point where I would have said that the Canucks could play either Sanford or Schneider in Luongo's absence and it wouldn't matter. Now, I think it may be a fair question to ask: "Is Schneider ready for the big time?" I still think he looked shaky at times last game against Columbus. If Sanford's back does not heal by Thursday, Cory may be facing the Red Wings and the Wild in back-to-back games. Is he up to the challenge? I don't think we can question Schneider's heart or desire if he is given the opportunity. These games could be a huge opportunity to steal 1 or 2 games and solidify his position as a near-future NHL goaltender. No pressure, Cory.
This will get very interesting.
What do you think? Are you praying for Sanford to return, or do you still have faith in Schneider?
Personally, I'm not counting out Schneider yet. I am looking forward to see his resolve. I also want to see the team in front of him buckle down a bit more defensively and take less penalties as well. A little more finish from the forwards wouldn't hurt either.

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