Friday, August 29, 2008

Announcement of McCabe trade to Panthers likely Tuesday

According to Sportsnet:

A trade to send Leafs defenceman Bryan McCabe to Florida, first reported by Sportsnet, should be announced on Tuesday. The Leafs are expected to get defenceman Mike Van Ryn from the Panthers in return
Wow, Nick Kypreos really got the scoop on that one early. But he knows a lot of players. This is a day I have been waiting for for a long time. I won't attack McCabe's character away from the ice, but honestly I won't miss his insanity on the ice. He is just another one of those guys with a low IQ on the ice, much like Jovanovski was in Vancouver. They can blow your mind with some of their goals and offensive output, but the mental mistakes they make are more the center of the story.
I will say that this is another bad move by Florida. Like they needed anymore headaches there....
And a great move by Fletcher though. Van Ryn (if he's the player coming to the Leafs), can be a 37-40 point producer. He scored 37 points twice in his career recently.
The Panthers will be paying McCabe $6.15 million this season while Van Ryn will make $3.35 million. A huge savings by Fletcher. He will have plenty of icetime in Toronto to prove himself.
While I'll somewhat reserve judgment on Fletcher's over-paying of Jeff Finger ($3.5 million per season), I think the Leafs' GM is taking the team in the right direction right now. It's about time!
Gonna miss Darcy Tucker in a Leafs jersey though. Now we have to put up with him in Colorado. Damn!

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